To become a leading university in Asia cultivating a global community that respects diversity, with high level of global understandings including culture, history, arts and ways of living, that enable our students to become global citizens who can live anywhere, work with anyone globally and contribute to the development of a globalized world.

UTCC OIR Mission

Respect diversity:  to provide a holistic education emphasizing global values, and appreciation of global culture, arts and history.

International environment: to offer a dynamic international learning environment, promoting diversity and responsive to the shift of the needs of international community through various activities and programs.

International experience: to promote and ensure international exposure and experience for our students to learn and live together with people from different culture and backgrounds through short-term and long-term exchange programs.

Global excellence: to provide opportunity for our students to develop skills necessary to cope successfully with the changing international environment such as language skill, global literacy, global awareness, culture and cultural sensitivity.