Internship is an integral part of UTCC curriculum, every students has an equal opportunity to go for an internship to learn from the professionals directly. Student have an advantage to use the well-established network of UTCC with Thai Chamber of Commerce registered companies, International Chamber of Commerce running in Thailand.

During their studies students get direct access to meet the industry professionals and experts via various networking events hosted by UTCC on campus and off campus. Global companies and international organizations has always shown keen interest to hire our students as interns and employ them later.

Office of International Relations, plays a pivotal role in developing and maintaining relationships with these organizations.

Success Stories

The best part of my internship at German Thai Chamber of Commerce are the networking opportunities. I was able to discover my strengths and learned the lessons needed to excel in my career further. I thank GTCC/AHK for the constant support and help from all team members of GTCC, also UTCC for introducing me to this great learning opportunity. (Academic Year 2021)
Mr. Dingo Keidar (Myanmar)
BBA - International Business
During my time at the Thai Swedish Chamber of Commerce I expanded my network within the Swedish business community in Bangkok. I improved my attention to details in professional writing thanks to my supervisor Dr Pojanath.B. I want to show my gratitude to UTCC and the Swedish Chamber for giving me this opportunity. (Academic Year 2021)
Mr. Martin Andersson, Sweden
BBA - International Business​
Doing internship at New Zealand Thai Chamber of Commerce helped me to rediscover myself and to identify my abilities and interests. It was such a great opportunity for me to grow as a professional who is ready to take up any future career challenges. (Academic Year 2021)
Ms. Yoon Depar Oo (Myanmar)
BBA - International Business
My internship at Danish Thai Chamber of Commerce has shaped me in various ways, that I least expected. I learned the importance of soft skills and the art of dealing with people. This internship has definitely helped me to prepare myself for the professional journey ahead. (Academic Year 2021)
Ms. Nguyen Dang Thu Hung (Vietnam)
BBA - International Business​
My internship at German Thai Chamber of Commerce has helped me to get ready for the real professional world, particularly in a German atmosphere. During internship I strengthen my skills by learning from my colleagues. Thank you GTCC/AHK Thailand and UTCC for allowing me to enhance my abilities, explore, and prepare for my future career. (Academic Year 2021)
Ms. Chanikan Kengluecha (Thai)
BBA - International Business
Doing internship at the New Zealand Thai Chamber of Commerce has pushed me out of my comfort zone. I was assigned tasks that challenged me and gave me the opportunity to not only apply my classroom learning but also gain many more new skills. (Academic Year 2021)
Ms. Nhi Ngoc Thao Bui (Vietnam)
BBA - International Business​