Before Arrival

If you enter Thailand with a Tourist visa (TR), you must convert to an Education Visa – also known as Non-Immigrant ED visa. The validity by the Royal Thai Embassy or Immigration Bureau will usually be for 60 days from the date of arrival in the Kingdom. You will receive your converted visa in 15 days after application. 

Student submits all documents to the International Relations Officer at Room 21709, Building 21) as soon as you arrive at UTCC.

Visa status alteration at least 30 days before visa expiration.

Documents required for Immigration: 

  • Original passport with departure card
  • Completed Application Form for Change of Visa (TM. 86) 
  • Receipt of Tuition fee 
  • One 2-inch colored photo 
  • A copy of academic qualification documents (latest degree certificate) either Thai or English translation 
  • Other documents from university 
  • 2,000 THB fee (payable at the Immigration)

Once a student is registered online, we will send you all the necessary documents in order to apply for your student visa at the Royal Thai Embassy or Thai Consulate in your country. (If not you can visit the nearest Royal Thai Embassy).  

After Arrival

The validity of your Education Visa, called Non-Immigrant “ED”, issued by the Royal Thai Embassy or Immigration Bureau is 90 days from the date of entering the Kingdom. The stay permit is stamped in your passport by the Immigration Officials upon your arrival in Thailand.

The application for the extension must be made to the Immigration Bureau as early as 45 days before the end of your current stay permit or extension. The duration of your visa is indicated by UTCC, though the ultimate decision on your visa duration is made by the Immigration Bureau. Your visa duration will depend on the conditions set in the UTCC visa policy below. 

Student submits all documents to the International Relations Officer at least 45 days before the expiry date of your Non-Immigrant -ED visa. The Student Visa Support Officer will provide the necessary supporting documents.

Documents required for Immigration: 

  • Original passport with departure card
  • Completed Application Form for Extension of Temporary Stay in The Kingdom (TM. 7)
  • Receipt of Tuition fee
  • One 2-inch colored photo
  • 1,900 THB fee (payable at the Immigration)

Notification of Staying Longer than 90 Days, or the 90 Days Report is required if you stay in Thailand longer than 90 days on an Education “ED” Visa.

This is not the same as extending your visa and needs to be done periodically – every 90 days– you spend at a stretch in Thailand. The cycle of reporting is required for the entire duration of your stay in Thailand, start from the date which you enter Thailand. You are required to submit the 90 days report to immigration 15 days before and up to 7 days after.

Once you report to immigration, you will receive a “Receipt of Notification” that indicates the date of your next appointment.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you submit documents to immigration. In case If the Receipt of Notification is lost, you need to get the police report instead.

The first application for extension of stay is equivalent to the notification of staying in the Kingdom over 90 days. If you leave the country and re-enter, the day count starts at 1 in every case.

Documents required for Immigration:

  • Original passport with departure card
  • Completed Application Form of Staying Longer Than 90 days (TM. 47)

(Free of charge for this issue)

While you are on your Education visa, if you intend to leave Thailand, a re-entry permit is required in order to re-enter Thailand. With a re-entry permit, your current visa remains valid during your temporary stay outside Thailand.

There are two types of re-entry permits:

  • Single Entry: Allowing you to leave and re-enter Thailand only once.
  • Multiple Entry: Allowing you to leave and re-enter Thailand multiple times till the validity of your visa. Strongly recommended for students who are on a 12-month visa and plan to travel outside of Thailand.

Re-Entry Permit must be applied for in-person, by the passport holders (you) only. The Immigration Bureau at Chaengwattana is usually able to process a re-entry permit on the same day. You may also apply for the same at the Immigration Checkpoint in the airport or any border during departure (can be applied only in the same day with the trip).

You need to ensure that you submit your documents to the immigration bureau before leaving the country and get the re-entry permit stamp on your passport.

Documents required for Immigration:

  • Passport with departure card and a photocopy
  • Completed Application Form for Re-Entry into the Kingdom (TM. 8)
  • One 2-inch colored photo taken within the last 6 months
  • Fees (payable at the Immigration) 1,000 THB for single entry; 3,800 THB for multiple entries

All foreign nationals residing in Thailand are required to register their current residential address with Thai Immigration.Popularly known as TM30(Notification of Residence), the underlying laws are about the obligation of a landlord (or house master, possessor, manager) to report the stay of a foreigner (non-Thai national) in his/her property. All foreigners staying in Thailand and their hosts should be aware of this. Landlords renting out their premises to foreigners are required to report the residential status of the foreigner within 24 hours of arrival. The reporting needs to be done on each occasion the foreigner leaves the premises (travels to a different country) and returns to take-up residence again at the said premises.

In principle, the prime responsibility of reporting a foreigner rests with the property owner,

Please ensure that your landlord is consistently reporting your arrival to Immigration using the TM.30 form. The reporting needs to be done every time you leave Thailand and return with a new (arrival and) departure card in your passport, because your departure card number has changed.

Documents required for Immigration:

  • Completed Application Form (TM. 30)
  • List of foreign nationals residing at the given premises
  • Copy of the title deed of the property.
  • Copy of rental contract with landlord.
  • Photo ID (Thai Citizen ID) of landlord.